Hollowgram Road Bottom Bracket - 109mm

Hollowgram Road Bottom Bracket - 109mm

Hollowgram SiSL2 109mm Bottom bracket. This bottom bracket is not specific to the SiSL2 Arms, any Si or SiSL will work. However if your using the SiSL2 Crank arms, you MUST use this bottom bracket as it has a self-centering 109mm "shelfless" spindle that free floats between the bearings. This system utilizes a small spacer and a wave washer on the non-drive side, which is opposite of the standard bottom brackets. The SL2 arms feature an increased bend in their profile, and this longer spindle configuration allows clearance between the chainstays and arms. includes FSA bearings, all necessary spacers and 12 point engagement bolts - along with a set of the new SL2 bearing shields to match. Available in both PF30 or BB30 variants.

Not sure what BB you need?

PF30 - 68MM SHELL: 2013-2015 SuperSix EVO

PF30 - 73MM SHELL: 2016 SuperSix EVO HM

BB30 - 68MM SHELL: CAAD8, CAAD9, CAAD10, SystemSix, 2008-2013 Synapse

BB30 - 73MM SHELL: 2014+ Synapse HM, 2016+ CAAD12