Hollowgram SRM Spider - Mountain Single

Hollowgram SRM Spider - Mountain Single

Hollowgram + SRM. Two products that on their own entice one to froth at the mouth in lust. Combine them into one, and you get the ultimate in beauty, performance and utility. It's because of this that we have invested the time and resources to become one of the largest dealers in North America for SRM Power Meters. As far as SRM Hollowgram Power Meters are concerned, we are top dog. With a Hollowgram Mountain and Road system in stock or on display at all times in our showroom, you can experience the ultimate in data collection for yourself. The hollowgram SRM spider weighs in at around 80g depending on configuration, and and only adds around 2 ounces to the weight of your bike. If you already own a hollowgram system, it's an affordable way to dive right into power measurement. If you don't, we can set you up arms and bottom bracket as well.


  • Each SRM PowerMeter and PowerControl head-unit is made one at a time, by hand. The production facilities are located in Jülich, Germany and Colorado Springs, USA. 
  • SRM uses a 144 point calibration protocol against a known mass measured to the exact gram. With precise calibration and our Auto-Offset feature, the resulting power measurement of the SRM has error of less than 1%. 
  • 1900-3000 hours of battery life, give SRM year after year of uninterrupted use. A three-year global warranty against defects backs up your investment.
  • SRM PowerMeters are designed to take whatever you can throw at them. Each SRM is sealed against water, snow, mud, sand, and cleaning solvents.


Q-FACTOR: 176 mm
BATTERY LIFE: 1900-3000 hours
WARRANTY: 3 Year World-Wide
ACCURACY: ±1% (Scientifically Proven)