KNOT 64 Carbon Clincher Disc Wheel Set

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Knot 64

Brand New, unused Set of Cannondale KNOT 64 Carbon Disc wheels. Removed from a new bike for a custom build.

Combining cutting edge aerodynamic tech patented and licensed by HED with all of the benefits of big tires, the KNØT 64s are one of the absolute fastest wheel sets in the world. To optimize performance of the wheel system (rim + tire) we have licensed technology from HED to spec the fastest possible tire. HED Cycling Products, Inc. Patent US8888195 B1 allows a wheel designer to predict and design in a particular stall angle to a wheel based on the tangent angle between the rim edge and tire, and having a fast wheel at the desired yaw angle(s).

• 64mm depth - provides an ideal balance between aerodynamics, weight and stability in cross-winds. 

• 21mm inner width - increases the effective tire volume. On these wheels, a 23c tire measures over 26mm wide, and a 25c over 28mm wide. Larger tires offer the potential for lower inflation pressures, greater comfort and better grip.

• Huge 32mm outer rim width – Helps air flow off a large tire (26+mm) re-attach more smoothly to the rim, reducing drag. Only possible with disc-only design. Optimized for 23c (26mm) tire but, unlike other wheels, the KNØT 64 design exhibits minimal change with even larger tires, giving riders the option to go bigger without significant aero penalty.

NOTE: Yellow Slash on rim is a decal that can easily be removed.


- Rim: HollowGram KNØT64 Rim, Carbon, 20h front, 24h rear, 64mm deep, 21mm ID, tubeless ready

- Hub: HollowGram KNØT, sealed bearing 12x100 front, 12x142 rear centerlock w/ DT Swiss internals - Shimano Freehub 11spd

- Spokes: DT Swiss Aerolite, straight pull