Lefty SuperMax Damper 16mm Shaft Clamps

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Lefty SuperMax & 2.0 16mm Shaft Clamps

Original Factory Cannondale shaft clamp tool for various Lefty damper cartridges including SuperMax and Lefty 2.0 that use a 16mm damper shaft.

This tool is used to securely clamp the damper shaft to remove or install air piston kits without damaging the shape or finish on the shaft.

Kit includes one two-piece shaft clamp in anodized orange.

Compatible with:

Lefty 2.0 PBR/XLR 100mm - 29 & 27.5

Lefty 2.0 PBR/XLR 120mm - 29 & 27.5

Lefty 2.0 PBR/XLR 130mm - 29 & 27.5

Supermax 2.0 PBR 140mm & 160mm - 27.5

Lefty Olaf (Fat CAAD)

Please Note: If you have a first generation 2014 Supermax PBR 130 - 29 with the PURPLE Damper, you will need the 1/2" (black) set of shaft clamps. The purple damper is no loner in production and is being replaced with an updated 16mm damper (KH132/)