Shimano XTR Trail PD-M9120 SPD Clipless Pedal Set

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Shimano XTR Trail PD-M9120 SPD Clipless Pedal Set

Mountain biking has changed quite a bit from the days when Shimano launched its XTR group almost 3 decades ago. Back then, cross-country was king and the group was created for the racing crowd who was after peak performance and low weight. Since that time, off-road cycling has segmented into different disciplines, and although racers were seeking lightweight parts to drop grams, for trail riding and enduro racing, ultimate lightness isn't always the first priority. In fact, a greater platform that offers additional support while bombing down a rocky descent, or a pedal that possesses a little more security for the clipless mechanism against rock strikes might be your jam. That's why we're excited about the XTR PD-M9120 Pedals as it packs a larger platform for better bike control that's fine-tuned to work efficiently with Shimano's ME and AM shoes, all with that famous XTR quality.

These XTR PD-M9120 Pedals have bindings that operate exactly like the XTR Race pedals in both performance and function. The main difference is that the pedal body extends fore and aft of the retention mechanism as a lightweight cage to better support the sole of your shoe. Otherwise, they're still super light, and shed mud better than ever before.

The same wide, open-ended tabs that were perfected nearly 30-years ago makes its appearance on this pedal allowing for easy entry and security of the cleats once clipped in. Its open design allows muck to flow through, so it doesn't hamper your ability to engage or exit quickly. Other than the cage, the most significant design change over the M9020 is at the pedal body with larger flat platforms on the inboard and outboard edges to keep the sole of your shoe solid on the pedal.

  • Pedal set comes with SM-SH51 (single release) cleats and are also compatible with SM-SH56 (multi-release) cleats.
  • Chromoly spindles with sealed bearings.
  • Retention mechanism can be adjusted via a hex screw on the back of each pedal on both sides.
  • Larger contact points for better support
  • Designed to work efficiently with Shimano ME and AM shoes
  • Integrated platform adds stability and protects the binding
  • Compatible with SH51 cleats (provided) and SH56