Stage 21 is now an ENVE Ride Center

Stage 21 is now an ENVE Ride Center

With an ENVE Ride Center, you have a concierge service waiting just for you.

This past May, ENVE Launched the ENVE Ride Center (ERC) program – a collection of carefully selected retail locations that would showcase the full line of ENVE products. They asked riders what their prefect shop would look like and this became the test that all Ride Centers would be compared to. 

Sometimes the best bike shop is the one right around the corner where you’re greeted with an espresso while you grab a bottle of chain lube, replace your brake pads, and compare tires. Or maybe it’s the small dealer who stocks a handful of made-to-order custom frames. Other times it’s worth spending hours in the car to seek out that shop who has the exact bike you want in your size, and favorite color. Occasionally, the best of both worlds collide and whether they’re down the street or across the state and they become your ‘local’ shop regardless of where you call home. ENVE has selected retailers that represent the core values of their brand when it comes to quality, selection, service, and expertise. 

ENVE products at stage 21 bike shop

“Just as with our products, we start with the highest goals when it comes to retail; We want to partner with somebody that can help create the best ENVE consumer experience and user experience,” explains ENVE US Commercial Director Ronnie Points.

“These ERC designated shops not only offer a wide selection of ENVE products, but they need to have an established system on how to properly fit somebody on a bike, and they’ve got to have a well-respected service department.” 

By now you’ve probably guessed it: Stage 21 is now an ENVE Ride Center! We’ve been a long-time fan of pretty much everything they do. Wheels, components, and now the Melee – it all fits our idea of craftsmanship and delivers an amazing ride quality. 

enve product details at an enve ride center

An ERC becomes part of ENVE’s supply chain. After all, an important part of the retail experience is the ability to find and purchase what you want right on the showroom floor. Ride Centers are stocked with a full range that pair specifically with their location and builds. For example, an ENVE Ride Center in Texas would feature a variety of road, gravel, or cross country mountain bike components like SES road wheels and handlebars, while one located beside the trails in the mountains would be more likely to feature products from the M7 or AM30 line of wheels.

ENVE identifies and evaluates Ride Centers based on their reputation among local riders and their role in the local cycling community in order to provide its customers with resources that are equally qualified to provide route advice as they are to service your fork or determine your ideal handlebar width and stem length. To be clear, Ride Centers aren’t concept stores dedicated specifically to ENVE or one brand, explains Points. “I think that’s really the last thing an enthusiast wants. They want something that’s authentic to the culture.” Each Ride Center is unique in both the products they carry, the customers they support, and the local cycling culture that’s represented. 

So when you see the ERC badge on our door you can be confident it represents our commitment to providing a the best buying experience with only our highest standards.

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